'Take a View Now!'



Materials bear witness to the tension and spatial inequality of the built environment. They are signifiers1, reflecting how the contemporary landscape is shaped by obvious and invisible power networks of ownership and agency. How can we retrieve and understand the narratives that are latent in the spaces we inhabit?


The wider structural system that supports decisions about what happens on land is notoriously mysterious and vast. A culture of top down decision making can be hard to engage with or influence at the level required to enact change or have a voice in the progress.


The project presents an Alternative Showroom: showcasing a collection of objects that propose new ways of reading, valuing and interpreting spaces. Our aim is to activate dialogue between communities and decision makers, whilst advocating for a greater understanding of the significance of material culture and how it can impact our future cities.





The Alternate Showroom Project was established
by Grace Crannis and Émilie Loiseleur in 2017.



A sign's physical form
(such as a sound, printed word, or image) as distinct from its meaning.